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Final concept for my araknid bug model

shaded wire-frame of my bug

up close of my shaded wire-frame using 3ds Max

texture of my araknid body using a combination of animal skin textures overlayed on Photoshop

texture of araknid teeth

texture of araknid eye created using spider eye with Photoshop techniques

texture of my bug in its environment

the texture was created using a combination of displacment maps, bump maps and reflection maps on 3ds Max



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creating interior of the spaceship using 3ds max

added breaking glass using the bomb tool as well as a tiny bit more detail

includes a helmet and a few tiny details

screen grab of my model with my stupid amount of poly (trying to learn to control it)

a screen thats used in my model of a messed up lady

texture of my helmet used in the scene

the final of my scene edited in Photoshop and 3ds max

Stadium Level

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final concept – created on photoshop

first Zbrush sculpture created using various brushes

Textured sculpture of my Zbrush model using the pen tool of Zbrush

Final render of the Zbrush sculpture also edited in Photoshop


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HELLO and welcome to the official page of Kristian. He’s an alright guy so why don’t you have a look around. You never know.. you might enjoy yourself